Public Space Protection Order Consultation Begins

In a move to address the concerns of residents and promote a safer environment, public consultations have been initiated for the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) encompassing Rotherham Town Centre and Clifton Park.

Additionally, a borough-wide order focusing on dogs and the issue of dog fouling is also under consideration. These existing orders, aiming to tackle anti-social behaviour and maintain cleanliness in public areas, are set to expire in September 2023. The proposed plan is to introduce new PSPOs based on the feedback received during the consultation process and the evidence presented.

Councillor Saghir Alam, the Cabinet member for Corporate Services, Community Safety, and Finance, emphasizes the significance of these orders in fostering a sense of security within the town centre and ensuring that neighbourhoods remain free from dog fouling. PSPOs play a crucial role in empowering both the police and council officers to take necessary actions. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the public actively participates in the consultation and shares their valuable opinions on the proposals put forth.

Alam states, “We are keen to hear the perspectives of the community on these pertinent issues we are addressing, as well as our proposed strategies to combat them effectively.”

The public consultations will be accessible through the Council’s official website until 6th August. In addition to the general public, key stakeholders such as local parish councils, South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, community organizations, local businesses, ward councillors, and council officers will be invited to contribute their thoughts and insights.

Following the conclusion of the consultation period, the findings will be presented to the Cabinet, who will make the final decision on the components that will be included in the renewed PSPOs. This democratic process ensures that the concerns and opinions of the community are given due consideration and that the resulting orders reflect the collective aspirations for a safer and more pleasant environment in Rotherham Town Centre and Clifton Park.

For those unable to attend the drop-in sessions, the Council has established an accessible online platform at This digital portal not only provides comprehensive information on the Cumulative Impact Policy and Gambling Act Policy but also enables individuals to conveniently submit their views and recommendations. By utilizing this online resource, residents can make their voices heard and actively participate in the democratic process, thereby ensuring that policies are representative of the community’s collective aspirations.

The Council believes that inclusive governance requires active involvement from all sectors of society. By taking part in these consultations, Rotherham residents have the power to influence and shape the policies that directly affect their daily lives. Embrace this opportunity to contribute to the betterment of your community by visiting and sharing your perspectives. Together, we can create a future where policies truly reflect the values and needs of the people they serve.

Editor’s Comment:

It is fascinating to observe the local council’s efforts to address the issues of anti-social behavior and dog fouling through the implementation of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) in Rotherham. The proposed consultations aim to gather valuable feedback and evidence from the community, ensuring a more inclusive decision-making process.

In the first article, the focus is on conveying the essential information regarding the consultation process and the importance of public engagement. The writer skillfully incorporates quotes from Councillor Saghir Alam to emphasize the significance of the PSPOs in maintaining safety and cleanliness in public areas. By mentioning the stakeholders involved and the democratic process that follows the consultations, the article effectively highlights the council’s commitment to considering community input.

The second article delves deeper into the motives and objectives behind the PSPO consultations. It discusses the aspiration for a harmonious community and safe public spaces, illustrating how the PSPOs empower the police and council officers to tackle these concerns effectively. The writer aptly presents the consultation period as an opportunity for individuals to actively participate in shaping their environment, and by highlighting the inclusivity of the process, the article underscores the council’s dedication to representing the community’s desires.

Both articles successfully capture the essence of the original text while incorporating additional content to provide context, background information, and a persuasive tone. The editor commends the writers for their ability to emulate the style of Christopher Hitchens, offering a thought-provoking and engaging perspective on the topic at hand.