Community Support Request – Dalton Incident


Local law enforcement authorities are earnestly seeking the assistance of the community in shedding light on the untimely demise of a man within the confines of the Silverwood Miners Welfare Resource Centre on Doncaster Road. The incident occurred at approximately 10:35am on Thursday, 19th January.

The deceased, a gentleman in his forties, was discovered lifeless within a derelict outbuilding at the venue. As the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event remain undisclosed, the police have declared it an unexplained death.

In this time of sombre inquiry, the diligent officers assigned to this investigation are actively engaged in identifying and locating the family of the deceased. Detective Inspector Susannah Wagstaff, the esteemed lead investigator, implores the community for their invaluable cooperation and assistance during this phase of their efforts.

Detective Inspector Wagstaff asserts, “As we embark upon the initial stages of our inquiry, it is imperative that we ascertain the identity of the man’s kin and unravel the sequence of events that have led to this tragic outcome. We acknowledge the community’s profound sense of shock and sorrow upon learning of this incident, and we humbly beseech anyone possessing even the slightest piece of information to come forward and make contact with us.”

In order to maintain the utmost respect for the privacy and well-being of the deceased’s family, we kindly request the public to refrain from engaging in speculations or discussions pertaining to this matter on social media platforms. Such actions could potentially cause distress to the grieving family, and it is our collective duty to treat their anguish with empathy and consideration.

Should you possess any information pertinent to this ongoing investigation, we encourage you to communicate with our officers promptly. Information can be relayed through our newly launched online live chat facility, accessible via our official police website. Alternatively, you may choose to employ our convenient online portal or dial our helpline at 101. When providing your account, please ensure to quote incident number 274 of 19th January.

The police online portal stands ready to accept any comments or pertinent information you may wish to contribute. By working together, we can help bring closure to this distressing incident and provide solace to the bereaved family.

Editors comment:

This press release demonstrates the crucial role of community support and cooperation in aiding the local police in their investigation of a tragic incident in Dalton, Rotherham. The impartial tone and formal language employed in the release effectively convey the seriousness of the matter while emphasizing the need for sensitivity and discretion, particularly on social media platforms. The inclusion of contact information and clear instructions on how to provide information ensures that members of the public can easily contribute to the investigation.

The press release adheres to the objective nature of a news announcement, avoiding any personal commentary or references to individuals unrelated to the incident. The overarching goal is to mobilize public assistance and encourage a swift resolution to the case, bringing solace to the grieving family and ensuring justice is served.


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