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Press Release: Appeal for Public Assistance in Locating Ahmed Farrah

Sheffield Police Department seeks the assistance of the community in locating Ahmed Farrah, a person of interest in the tragic murder case of Kavan Brissett, a young 21-year-old man. The investigation into Mr. Brissett’s untimely demise is progressing, and detectives believe that Mr. Farrah, also known as Reggie, can provide crucial information.

The incident occurred on Tuesday 14 August near Langsett Walk in Sheffield, where Mr. Brissett was fatally stabbed in the chest. Despite his valiant fight, he succumbed to his injuries four days later, on Saturday 18 August, while receiving medical treatment.

Detective Chief Inspector Jude Ashmore, the Senior Investigating Officer, appeals to the public for their assistance. Efforts to locate and apprehend Mr. Farrah have been ongoing, with a particular focus on his known whereabouts in the Broomhall area of Sheffield. Regrettably, our attempts have thus far been unsuccessful.

“I kindly implore your cooperation,” shares Detective Chief Inspector Jude Ashmore. “If you have any knowledge of Mr. Farrah’s current location or have recently had contact with him, I earnestly request that you come forward and contact us immediately. However, I must emphasize the importance of your safety. Please do not approach Mr. Farrah yourself but instead contact emergency services by dialling 999.”

In this urgent appeal, Detective Chief Inspector Ashmore also wishes to remind those who may be harbouring Mr. Farrah or assisting him in evading arrest that such actions constitute a criminal offense, punishable by law. We strongly advise against jeopardizing your own welfare by engaging in unlawful activities. Instead, we implore you to consider the gravity of the situation and the profound anguish experienced by Kavan Brissett’s family. By doing the right thing and reaching out to the police, you can contribute to justice being served.

If you come across Ahmed Farrah, we urge you to immediately contact emergency services by dialling 999. Alternatively, if you possess any information regarding his whereabouts, please get in touch with our detectives directly at 01709 443507 or call the non-emergency number 101. You may also choose to remain anonymous by contacting Crimestoppers at 0800 555111. When providing information, please reference incident number 827 of 14 August 2018.

The Sheffield Police Department values the support and cooperation of the community in times like these, as public involvement is crucial in maintaining safety and upholding justice. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the Brissett family during this difficult period and remain committed to bringing closure to this tragic case.

Editor’s Comment:

The Sheffield Police Department is making a sincere and urgent appeal to the public for their assistance in locating Ahmed Farrah, a person of interest in the murder investigation of Kavan Brissett. The police emphasize the importance of community support in such cases and encourage individuals to come forward with any relevant information.

Detective Chief Inspector Jude Ashmore has tactfully reminded the public that harbouring Mr. Farrah or aiding him in evading arrest is a criminal offense. This serves as a stern reminder to individuals to prioritize their own safety and the welfare of their community by cooperating with law enforcement.

In the interest of public safety, it is crucial for community members who encounter Ahmed Farrah to refrain from approaching him directly and instead contact emergency services immediately. The Sheffield Police Department has provided multiple avenues of communication, including dedicated phone lines, for individuals to share any information they may have.

The editorial team extends its condolences to the Brissett family and expresses support for the Sheffield Police Department’s tireless efforts in seeking justice. The community’s cooperation and responsiveness are vital in ensuring a safe and secure environment for all residents.


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