Rotherham Burglar Jailed After Failed Hideout Attempt

A Rotherham miscreant who thought he could outsmart the authorities by seeking refuge in a pal’s attic has been slapped with a 14-month prison sentence. Jack Twigg, a 23-year-old resident of Winterhill Road in Kimberworth, stood before Sheffield Crown Court on Monday (19 June) to receive his well-deserved punishment after previously pleading guilty to two counts of burglary.

According to court proceedings, Twigg brazenly invaded a property on Fullshaw Lane in Barnsley around 1:00 PM on 9 May this year. However, his hasty retreat ensued when a door alarm startled him, leaving him empty-handed. Undeterred by this initial setback, Twigg’s crime spree continued later that day around 5:00 PM when he unlawfully entered a residence on Scholes Lane in Rotherham. There, he callously snatched a collection of jewellery, including a watch, ring, and various other items that held immense sentimental value to the victims.

Detective Constable Ben Lively, the tenacious investigator who led the case, shed light on the overwhelming evidence stacked against Twigg. Not only was the cunning burglar captured on high-quality CCTV footage at both targeted addresses, but astute officers from the Neighbourhood Crime Team were able to identify him through distinctive clothing items he donned during the heists. Eventually, the proverbial cat was let out of the bag when law enforcement discovered Twigg cowering in the attic of an accomplice’s abode.

In a display of callousness and disregard for the suffering he caused his victims, Twigg exhibited no remorse throughout the entire ordeal. It is now gratifying to know that justice has been served, and he is securely locked away behind bars, where he truly belongs. One can only hope that this significant sentence will serve as a stern warning to others who entertain the notion of embarking on a similar path of criminality. Society has no tolerance for those who disrupt the peace and violate the sanctity of people’s homes.

Editor’s comment:
It is disheartening to witness the audacity and lack of remorse exhibited by individuals like Jack Twigg, who brazenly engage in criminal activities. This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of a robust justice system and the dedication of law enforcement officials like Detective Constable Ben Lively.

Their tireless efforts to gather evidence and bring offenders to justice deserve our utmost appreciation.

We hope that Twigg’s sentence serves as a strong deterrent to others, emphasizing that criminal behaviour will not be tolerated in our society. Let this be a reminder to all that the safety and security of our communities are paramount, and we must stand united against those who seek to violate them.


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