Creepy crawlies take centre stage at Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Latest news in Yorkshire: August 28, 2018 01:53:56 PM

The creepy crawlies take centre stage at Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week
with visitors turning detective to record as many species as possible.
A bug safari will reveal the secret lives of the smaller creatures that
often go un-noticed at the award-winning park.
The BioBlitz event, which will be held on Thursday, is part of a nationwide
initiative by BIAZA, the organisation that represents the UK’s zoos and
Children can enjoy badge-making, crafts and quizzes as staff and visitors
join forces to survey species across the park at Branton, near Doncaster.
The education team will be at the Discovery Forest Classrooms between
10.30am and 4 pm and ‘Big Bugs Live & Deadly Bugs’ shows will be held in the
Amphitheatre. Scientists from Doncaster Naturalists’ Society will help the
public to find, identify and record species with bug hunting kits.
“Our animals are the star attractions but there is so much more to see and
these creatures are crucial to the biodiversity that supports all species,”
said YWP’s Education Lead Jade Bancroft. “Everyone is welcome to join in
what will be a revealing and fun day for all.
“It is also a good way to get experience of surveying and monitoring species
and plants. There’s always the chance of turning up some rare and
interesting mini-beasts.”
A BioBlitz is designed to give people the chance to get hands-on in wildlife
surveying and monitoring and it can also produce valuable data for local and
national data collection centres.

BIAZA members have recorded thousands of animal species since 2012 and
recent star-finds have included great green bush crickets, wolf spiders,
elephant hawk-moths and nocturnal visitors including badgers, owls and bats.

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