Bed of flowers dangerous to road users


Latest news in Yorkshire: October 17, 2018 01:52:36 PM

A couple have been told to remove a bed of flowers, which they have
tended for three decades, because they are a “danger” to road users.

Brian and Sally Williams planted the blooms on the narrow Hollin House
Lane in Loxley, near Sheffield, to encourage wildlife and bring colour
to the area.

Sheffield Council sent a letter saying the couple had a week to do the
work or pay for it to be done by the authority.

Their daughter, Elizabeth Williams, said they were “absolutely

She said her parents had cultivated the dahlias and shrubs for 28 years
and at times it had been the only thing that helped her father through
ill health.

Sheffield Council said: “We have sympathy with the nearby homeowner who
has attempted to stop cars driving over the highway verge on what is a
very narrow, single-track lane.

“Unfortunately the placing of flower beds, as well as stones and water
barrels, on the highway outside the property, could be a danger to other
road users.”

The council said it had taken action after receiving an anonymous

Ms Williams said a few years ago the council resurfaced the road,
cementing in retaining stones her father had put in.

She added: “The land the council is supposed to manage overgrows the
white lines, there are fallen leaves that are wet and dangerous.

“Are we going to turn this [verge] into something that just looks like
another unmanaged verge?”

A petition set up by neighbours has raised more than 1,000 signatures


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